FURN360 was presented at the eco-event ‘Drivers and Outcomes of EU Ecodesign Initiatives’

The EU movement from linear towards circular economy models implies a number of important transformation changes, not only for products or services but also in new business models and the way all those involved interact.

The Transnational Eco-Event: ‘Drivers and Outcomes of Innovative Eco-Design Initiatives’ was hosted in Celje, Slovenia,on the 17th of October 2018, with the goal present best practice examples on eco-innovation product design and gain a new knowledge in the field of circular economy driven initiatives.

The following contentswere discussed at the event:

• New eco-innovation approaches of European Designers in Packaging, Electronic and Textile Sectors
• Presentation of five free online courses for gaining a new knowledge on bioplastic material transformation
• New policy initiatives on Industrial Symbiosis for Regional Sustainable Growth and Efficient Circular Economy
• New Eco-design Mindset: “Your trash is my treasure”
• Sharing of best practices on eco-innovation designs from recently adopted EU project initiatives
• Key messages on Competent Centres for Human Resources Development
• An example of the key competences & skills strengthening in manufacturing industry