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Enrol to FURN360 training, a set of online modules that offers 80 hours of free e-learning to understand the shift needed in the furniture industry to engage in a circular economy.

‘Furn 360’ project

Furn 360 is a European project aiming at developing a training curriculum to facilitate the implementation of circular business models in the furniture sector

Why circular economy?

Why furniture sector?

The implementation of a holistic training on circular economy for the European furniture sector will foster innovation and productivity, increase the quality and performance of products and support the industry to face global challenges

Strategic partnerships

Experts in Circular Economy from both the academic and entrepreneurial sectors, VET institutions, universities, business associations and companies, all of them having a strong focus on the sustainability of the furniture and woodworking sectors

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“Furn 360” has developed a free and open e-learning course in circular economy for furniture and woodworking sectors

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