FURN360 project recognized as an example of good practice of the Erasmus+ Programme

FURN360 partners are very grateful and honoured for the recognition as an example of “good practices” granted by the Erasmus+ agency, due to the the high quality of the project and the developed training course.


The FURN360 project ended in August 2020 and aimed to develop a training tool to improve knowledge in the furniture sector about how to make the transition to a circular economy model, achieving a more sustainable and competitive industry.

For this, a consortium of 6 organizations from 4 countries (Germany, Belgium, Spain, and Finland) successfully joined forces, linking the reality and experience of the furniture sector together with the knowledge and pedagogy of the academic world and experts in sustainability.

What was the result of FURN360?

A free access e-learning course for entrepreneurs and workers of the furniture sector, and also for students and anyone interested who wishes to improve its skills and knowledge regarding the so-called circular transition and the tools and instruments that facilitate this transition in the furniture industry.

The FURN360 training course has been very well received by the sector, with near a thousand students in the few months that it has been available, being highly recommended in different forums as a tool for those companies, large or SMEs, who want to carry out a commitment to sustainability while improving its competitiveness.

The course is fully available at the following link: http://training.furn360.eu/


FURN360 consortium would like to thank all different companies and external experts that collaborated during project development with their feedback and inputs, and also to all students that have already completed the e-learning course.