Zona Franca Barcelona, an example of industrial symbiosis

Last 12-13th November ECORES and CETEM had the opportunity to visit the project on Circular Economy that Zona Franca Barcelona, an industrial and logistics area in the main port of Barcelona, is leading with the participation of the companies installed there.

Zona Franca Barcelona is carrying out an interesting project on industrial symbiosis, to stimulate cooperation among companies of different sectors with the aim of generating new business opportunities sharing resources and knowledge.

Industry symbiosis is the process by which services, wastes or by‐products of an industry or industrial process become the raw materials for another. Application of this concept allows materials to be used in a more sustainable way and contributes to the creation of a circular economy. In the furniture and wood sector it will be a key elementary step towards a complete furniture circular industry, as it will facilitate the reduction of use raw materials and lower waste generation.

During the visit, ECORES and CETEM discovered how Zona Franca Barcelona launched and currently manages this project, how to identify possible synergies, and make possible the industry collaboration. Moreover, they visited different companies, such as Ecoenergies and SAICA to see in situ how they take profit of this new opportunities.

This visit has been done in the framework of INSIGHT project, and organized by Símbiosy, key partner of the project. INSIGHT project has for objective to create the job profile of the industry symbiosis facilitator, and boost this profile with a new training resource for them. INSIGHT project is an Erasmus+ project, funded by the European Commission.