KATCH_e: High Education Training for Circular Economy in the Construction and Furniture Sectors

FURN360 has established close contact with KATCH_e project, that stands for “Knowledge Alliance on Product-Service Development towards Circular Economy and Sustainability in Higher Education”. This is a 3-year EU funded project that was launched in January 2017 and is part of the ERASMUS+ programme of Knowledge Alliances, aiming to address the challenge of reinforcing skills and competences in the field of product-service development for the circular economy and sustainability, with a particular focus on the construction and furniture sectors.

The KATCH_e Erasmus+ Alliance has developed so far eight e learning modules, that are linked to each other but can also be used as stand-alone learning and teaching elements, as well as seven tools, that support the practical implementation of the knowledge acquired with the modules. These materials are meant to be used in academic teachings, in-classroom context, as well as in companies.

The modules and tools have been developed according to a framework organized in four main areas:

  1. Basics: Basic knowledge on circular economy that supports the understanding of the other materials;
  2. Business: The business approach, required for the success of new, more circular and sustainable products or product-service;
  3. Design: Product and product-service system design according to circularity and sustainability criteria; and
  4. Assessment and communication: A support area with contents regarding assessment and communication in circular economy with a life cycle perspective.

To find out more about the theoretical modules and the practical tools that are currently being tested and finalised please visit the KATCH_e website.

Through these training materials and through the upcoming MOOC, the Alliance seeks to make KATCH_e an important reference on closing the loop providing innovative and multidisciplinary training materials, curricula and tools. The project will indeed reinforce the competences of students and professionals of the target sectors in the field and will strengthen their relationship, increasing the possibilities of employability and contributing to the innovation and competitiveness of the sectors in the framework of circular economy and facilitating its transition to the business world.


KATCH_e is brings together partners from four EU countries that cooperate in the development and testing of an innovative, problem-based multidisciplinary course, a MOOC as well as product-service development tools for circular economy and sustainability.

Relevant target groups are the universities, including students, professors and researchers; the business community, including companies and business organizations; and knowledge centres, including consultants and technological centres.