FURN360 took part in the Sustainable Furniture Week

From December the 7th through the 11th, DesignWanted launched a deep investigation of the current and future state of the sustainable furniture industry from innovative solutions to the development of new materials and processes, gaining a better understanding of how this important design sector is working towards a more sustainable future.

During these 5 days, a number professionals and experts were involved to understand how designers and manufacturers are developing a more sustainable practice that takes us closer to a circular economy and a better future.

Through a series of webinars, articles, interviews, and case studies featuring prominent designers, companies, and studios focused on a sustainable approach and practice to furniture design, in the entitled Sustainable Furniture Week

FURN360 was invited to give their expert view through an interview to Juan José Ortega, dissemination manager of the project and project manager at CETEM. You can read the full interview through this link.