FURN360 Online course is OPEN!

You now have the opportunity to enrol to the FURN360 training course, a set of online modules that offers 80 hours of training to understand the shift needed in the furniture industry to engage in a circular economy.

Shifting our current linear economic model into a more ‘circular’ one is a challenge for the whole society, as we need to manage stocks of natural resources while increasing competitiveness, innovation and jobs. It also requires to develop new skills, such as financing skills, understanding consumer behaviour and making sense of new business models.

FURN360 online training allows you to acquire the necessary knowledge to transform your organisation into a circular furniture company, with a complete approach spread, through 8 learning modules:

  1. Circular economy: an introduction, to acquire a general overview of the concept.
  2. Circular economy in the furniture industry, to frame the challenges and opportunities in the furniture sector.
  3. Circular business model innovation in the furniture industry, to learn about new business strategies that can be implemented in your company.
  4. Business management in the circular furniture industry, to be aware of how to manage your organisation in the circular economy paradigm.
  5. Sustainability in the circular furniture industry, to understand and select the appropriate tools and instruments that support a green transformation of the industry.
  6. Marketing the circular furniture, to be able to communicate and sell circular products to new markets and customers.
  7. Supporting by advanced Key Enabling Technologies, to see how new technologies could support the implementation of green practices in the furniture production process.
  8. Mini-case challenge, to implement the acquired knowledge in a real problem case of a furniture company.

FURN360 training course includes interactive learning materials, such as videos, infographics, presentations, and quizzes, a set of coursebooks with all the necessary information, and additional reading to deepen your knowledge on different topics of interest.

If you are interested to enrol in this course, please go to the training course platform through the link in the project website (https://www.furn360.eu) where you can register and start the course right now!!