FURN360 launches its YouTube channel

FURN360 training has launched its YouTube channel where it is available all the introductory videos to each of the 7 modules of the course:

  1. Circular economy: an introduction, to acquire a general overview of this new concept.
  2. Circular economy in the furniture industry, to frame the challenges and opportunities in the sector.
  3. Circular business model innovation in the furniture industry, to learn about new business strategies that can be implemented in your company.
  4. Business management in the circular furniture industry, to be aware of how to manage your organisation in the circular economy paradigm.
  5. Sustainability in the circular furniture industry, to understand and select the appropriate tools and instruments that support a green transformation of the industry.
  6. Marketing the circular furniture, to be able to communicate and sell circular products to new markets and customers.
  7. Supporting by advanced Key Enabling Technologies, to see how new technologies could support the implementation of green practices in the furniture production process.

FURN360 training course will consist of interactive learning materials, such as videos, infographics, presentations, and quizzes, a set of coursebooks with all the necessary information, and additional reading to deepen your knowledge on different topics of interest.

FURN360, a free training, will be launch very soon. If you are interested to enrol to this course please fill in the form in the course website (www.furn360.eu) and you will receive a notification when the course is available.