Fourth project meeting of the project organized in Barcelona

The fourth meeting of Furn360 project consortium was held Barcelona, host by CENFIM on October 2019. The meeting was focus on the review of the training content and the e-learning platform, where the course will be held. During the meeting a workshop was held on the evaluation of the training course and the projects carried out by the students at the end of the course. The training material, developed with an innovative and interactive character, includes videos and infographics and is aimed at the wood and furniture sectors.

Partners agreed on the last project steps and the planification of all the necessary tasks to launch the course. The course will be open and free available in January 2020, and will constitute a highly beneficial tool for the European habitat industry and any interested people on how to do a correct transition towards a circular economy model in the industry sector.

The course will be structured in the following 7 modules:

1. Introduction to the circular economy
2. Circular economy in the furniture industry
3. Innovation in circular business models in the furniture industry
4. Business management in the circular furniture industry
5. Sustainability in the circular furniture industry
6. Marketing in the circular furniture industry
7. The circular economy backed by Essential Facilitating Technologies

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